Safe Travel

by Jillian Fehrenbach on March 31, 2021 in Articles, Group Travel, Incentive Travel

VIKTOR is committed to providing safe and healthy travel experiences for our trip participants. Our Safe Travel protocols guide every step of our travel operations to adapt to the latest COVID conditions. By working together with each partner involved in the trip, VIKTOR will continue to deliver inspiring experiences that mitigate health risks for our travelers.


  • Local health authorities and testing facilities identified
  • Hotel, transportation and local tourism board protocols reviewed
  • Hotel social distancing included in trip design
  • Precautions planned for each trip activity
  • Symptom contingency plans shared with trip partners
  • Destination conditions monitored regularly
  • Health condition evaluation timelines established


  • Health and safety information distributed to travelers
  • Health screening instructions distributed to travelers

Travel Staff

  • Pre-travel training
  • Pre-travel staff screening
  • Daily wellness check
  • Daily hygiene/laundry
  • Additional staffing added as needed
  • Masks and supplies provisioned
  • Daily monitoring of hotel and transportation partner protocols

Hospitality Desk

  • Hospitality desk disinfected hourly by VIKTOR travel staff
  • Social distancing enforced
  • Electronic communication used whenever possible
  • Sanitizer and thermometer available
  • No shared computers; no touching participant phones

Guest Experience

  • Masks used whenever possible in close quarters
  • Signage and staff training on social distancing provided
  • Lower vehicle capacity used for transfers
  • Transportation partner handles arrivals; no VIKTOR staff at airport
  • Luggage handling by guests encouraged
  • Food – FDA guidelines utilized: hotel staff serve at buffets, social distancing in lines, table/seating distancing requirements, no beverage stations

Symptom Protocols

  • Guests informed of symptoms to watch for
  • Hotel and client are informed if guests report symptoms
  • Guests with symptoms quarantine in room
  • Local health authority will be contacted for testing recommendations, and to determine if guest travel is possible
  • If hospitalization is required, ambulance transfers utilized