Navigating Those Not-Always-So-Friendly Skies

by Jillian Fehrenbach on December 21, 2016 in Incentive Travel

Airfare continues to be a major part of the travel budget for meeting and incentive planners. And while some sources are reporting they see prices leveling off, that isn’t what we’re experiencing in the real world, and we bet you aren’t either.

In this article from USA Today, Rick Seaney shares 5 tips for finding bargain fares. These are great ideas, especially for leisure travel, but when it comes to securing flights and pricing for groups—especially several months in advance of a program—it’s best to leave the details in the hands of an expert.

When you work with an air specialist, the first step will be for them to prepare an Air Analysis for your destination. This will provide information on the airlines serving the destination, the lift available for groups, flight times, length of flights, and the average flight cost. If there are any areas for concern, you’ll know it at this point.

The next step involves an Air Plan Summary, which will show details such as the group flights being held, the seat drop date, when names are due for ticketing, what the rules are for name changes, and the costs of the flights. From there, your air team will manage the remaining details, like making sure deposits are paid, deadlines are met, and ticketing is handled in an accurate and timely manner.

Best of all, if you encounter any flight disruptions (and what are the chances of that happening?), you will have someone to help you navigate the options available to you.

So, consider consulting an expert when it comes to your group meeting and incentive travel. You’ll be glad you did!