• Thumbs up
    Engaged channel partners move your business.
    Ever notice how some brands get all the attention?
  • Cherries
    It doesn't matter how we define loyalty. It matters how your customers define loyalty.
    Customer loyalty. Nice phrase. But what does it really mean?
  • Boy saying thank you
    Employees want to know that what they do matters -
    that their work adds value.
    When was the last time you said "thank you"?
  • Couple sharing a view
    Sharing the trip of a lifetime with others builds relationships and creates loyalty like nothing else can.
    Let your brand be that powerful.

Incentive Travel

Nothing motivates and engages like a once in a lifetime experience. We believe in the power of astonishment.
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Some companies make a living by complicating customer loyalty. We simplify it. Turn your customers into believers with our proven loyalty program.
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White Papers

VIKTOR is committed to constant innovation and improvement in all we do. Learn about the current industry trends and compelling research.
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In Memorium...

Chris Burak
3/17/1952 – 5/28/2015