Engage Your Audience with Video

by Stephanie Roppolo on January 22, 2019 in Articles

What’s Your Plan to Pump Up Engagement in 2019?

We invite you to consider video. 

Companies are using video more and more to activate their message and engage employees, distributors and customers. Don’t leave video out of your marketing mix, because video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic.

Here are four good reasons you should include video in your marketing strategy today:

1. Our brains process visual communication faster.

Video is the optimal medium for data consumption and creates a stronger emotional connection with the viewer. You can leverage this powerful medium to drive your desired action.

2. Video ignites engagement.

It’s proven that video is shared more often than any other type of online content. Video can produce the type of engagement that leads to conversions that matter.   

3. Videos rank higher with Search Engines.

With keyword targeting, you will find that it’s much easier to rank higher in Google with video. Optimize your videos by including relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions. 

4. Mobile Matters.

We are addicted to our smartphones and have more time to view videos on our phones than we do sitting in front of our PC. You have your customer’s attention while they are killing time, so grab it with a short video!

What are you waiting for?

Video is essential for 2019. Video will allow you to tell a more authentic story about your organization and products. Jump in today!