Top 10 Employee Recognition Software Tools

by Ty Collins on July 6, 2020 in Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty

Is employee recognition software good for your business?

Unquestionably, but you have to ask yourself the following questions first:

  • In the last two months, how often did you need to give your employees useful recognition?
  • Do you recognize many employees?
  • Do your employees recognize each other throughout the day?
  • Is your mission or your revenue dependent upon this recognition?

You can answer these questions when you have employee recognition tools. We are aware that you work very hard to make sure that your employees know that you value them and the work that they do, but when you have recognition software that was designed by experts, the feedback that you receive will be more measurable, consistent and strategic.

An Explanation of Employee Recognition Software

Employee recognition software is a system of technology that makes it possible for you to regulate how satisfied your employees are at their jobs. It also helps you monitor the relationships between your employees with the same purpose and efficiency that you regulate your sales goals and project deadlines.

If your managers and peers use employee recognition tools thoughtfully, they will be able to reinforce your company’s culture.

You are fortunate because there are so many employee recognition tools in existence today. We created this list so that you could find the software that easily fits into your budget, meets your team’s goals and works for your team.

1. Bonusly

Bonusly is a software that makes it possible for you to reward, recognize and celebrate employees when they have been fantastic workers. Anyone can use this software to recognize employees at the moment that it is right to recognize them. With this software, peers will be able to recognize their peers, and your managers will be able to recognize direct reports and anything else they would like to acknowledge. There is no end to the positive things that your employees will be able to do with this software.

We love this software because recognition can be made so quickly with it, and it is fun for everyone to use.

The Bonusly Features:

  • Recognition is visual and interesting for users with all of the software’s social features.
  • The strengths exhibited by the people on your team can be illuminated with the software’s analytics.
  • Every person can give someone recognition because of the software’s monthly allowance features.

Famous companies that use Bonusly include the following:

  • Chobani
  • Headspace
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Gilt
  • TripIt

The Bonusly Price:

  • The Core version costs $2.70/user each month.
  • The Pro version costs $4.50/user each month.
  • The price of the Custom version will depend on your company’s needs.
  • You will be able to learn the details for pricing for Bonusly by visiting the pricing page.

2. Assembly

Your employees will have instinctive recognition tools with Assembly. It only takes a few clicks, and someone in your company can make another person in your company very happy by adding a custom badge or a culture award that acknowledges the employee’s efforts at work.

We think this software is great because we know that everyone wants to recognize other people, but this software makes it simple for them to do.

The Assembly Features:

  • The software has a sidebar that contains your company’s top core values so that everyone will know what your company values most.
  • You can choose a variety of different badges that recognize distinct skills.
  • Feeds for recognizing birthdays and anniversaries will make everybody in your organization feel like valued members of the company.

Famous companies that use Assembly include the following:

  • BloomNation
  • MVMT
  • Coca-Cola
  • Amazon

The Assembly Price:

  • This software is completely free.
  • The Team version is $2 each month for every seat.
  • The Business version is $3 each month for every seat.
  • Learn the details by visiting the Assembly plans page.

3. Kazoo

Kazoo makes it possible for your employees to combine their career goals with their abilities to recognize others. The software has an area for employees to enter their career goals. The software will receive the employee’s recognition, feedback and assessment results so that Kazoo can record the success that the employee is having at work. Because the software keeps track of the employee’s progress, he or she will have an incentive to continue to do a good job.

We like the fact that this software continually brings feedback and recognition of the employee’s improvement to the employee’s attention. This way, employees know how they are doing in between the times that they have their performance reviews.

The Kazoo Features:

  • The team’s hidden strengths cannot remain hidden with talent assessments.
  • Managers can make decisions with the data they receive from pulse surveys.
  • All people in every team and at every level can be recognized with nominations.

Famous companies that use Kazoo include the following:

  • Kia
  • Hitachi
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Patagonia
  • Meredith

4. Kudos

The creators of Kudos wanted to give people a platform that would nurture company culture and help everyone build relationships that mean something to everyone. It is software that lets people give feedback, communicate with each other, build camaraderie and provide recognition. Kudos can be the means that employees use to get together and celebrate each others’ achievements or thank those who have helped them.

We like Kudos because it encourages people to show others their appreciation.

The Kudos Features:

  • People can give feedback publicly or privately so that they can be completely honest.
  • They can use video to ensure that recognition means something to everyone.
  • The software has a TV feature that plays recognition events.

Famous companies that use Kudos include the following:

  • Kronos
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Chewy
  • DHL
  • Make-A-Wish

The Kudos Price

  • You must ask for a quote for Kudos Basic.
  • You must ask for a quote for Kudos Plus.
  • You must ask for a quote for Kudos Enterprise.
  • Go to the Kudos plan page to request quotes for Kudos plans.

5. Blueboard

With Blueboard, you can offer your employees experiences that they will remember for a lifetime or gifts that they will greatly appreciate in the easiest and fastest manner possible. Blueboard doesn’t just offer your employees rewards; it also gives each employee a concierge with the duty of making sure that the employee can accept and take advantage of the reward.

We love Blueboard because it gives employers the ability to give their employees first-rate gifts without any of the hassles.

The Blueboard Features:

  • This software comes with a team that assists companies as they create their recognition programs.
  • The story capture feature helps employees get excited about recognition and encourages them to become engaged with it.
  • The software provides employees with ways to improve their health by offering experiential wellness incentives.

Famous companies that use Blueboard include the following:

  • Guidewire
  • Boeing
  • GoPro

The Blueboard Price:

  • In order to learn more about Blueboard’s pricing, you must ask the company for a demo.

6. Snappy

Snappy lets you give your employees rewards they will really enjoy! It is a platform that gives your employees the opportunity to choose the rewards that they want. Your employees will be able to use this platform to give presents to their peers. They can also send gifts to several people at one time or give virtual gifts.

We like the flexibility of this platform because it ensures that each employee receives the reward that means the most to him or her.

Snappy’s Features:

  • You know the employee received the reward with immediate thank you notes.
  • The platform is automated so that you can schedule rewards to be sent out every year.
  • The platform keeps track of your return on investment every time you give gifts in a campaign.

Famous companies that use Snappy include the following:

  • Zoom
  • Uber
  • TaskRabbit
  • Zynga
  • 21st Century Fox

7. Giftogram

Giftogram has millions of gift cards and just as many gifts that your employees will love to have. You can even personalize these gift cards and gifts that will commemorate the good deeds of your employees or their special occasions.

We think this is a great platform because you can make gift cards that could only be meant for one person because they are personalized, and it is so easy to do.

The Giftogram Features:

  • You have access to a design library that you can use to make truly unique cards.
  • The platform makes it possible to upload your logo so that there is no question who sent the card.
  • You can even have the platform’s designers create the gift cards for you.

The Giftogram Price:

  • This platform is different because you don’t have to pay monthly fees, and you will not be charged for using this service.

8. Tellinga

You will send your employees greeting cards that tell a story that only each individual employee will appreciate. This software is perfect for you if you want to create nostalgic gifts your employees will love. All you need to do is give Tellinga your pictures and story, and the platform will create a treasure for you.

We love this one because you can’t make employee recognition more gracious and uncommon than with this software.

The Tellinga Features:

  • You can choose different lengths for the story you want to tell.
  • The platform’s artists will draw every story.
  • You will find a library full of stories that you can use as inspiration for your own.

Media that have written news stories on Tellinga:

  • AP News
  • Art House Magazine
  • Houston Public Media

The Tellinga Price:

  • A one day card will cost $9.99.
  • A one week story will cost $22.99.
  • A two week story will cost $39.99.
  • A one month story will cost $69.99.
  • Find more details on Tellinga’s pricing page.

9. Guusto

With Guusto, your company and your company’s merchants can team up to send your employees rewards. The platform has a command center where you will be able to track the gifts you have given to employees, send gift cards and select a budget.

We liked Guusto because you can be assured that your employees will cherish what they receive from this company.

Guusto’s Features:

  • Employees have the option to “pay it forward” to another employee after they receive a gift.
  • If any gifts are left unused, you will be able to claim the money spent on them.
  • This platform gives you expense reports so that you can keep track of your accounting.

Famous companies that use Guusto include the following:

  • DLA Piper
  • Purdy’s Chocolatier
  • DSW

Guusto’s Pricing:

  • The Basic option is free.
  • The Premium option will cost $1.50 per person every month.
  • The Custom price will depend on your needs.
  • Learn more details by visiting the Guusto pricing page.

10. HeyTaco!

HeyTaco! is a platform that you can access through Slack, and it gives you the ability to focus on verbal recognition and acts of kindness. Whenever anyone in your company wants to express gratitude, they will be able to send the taco icon. If an employee thinks that another employee is great, she can send that person as many tacos as are needed to let him know that he is wonderful.

We love this platform because the main focus is the fact that recognition builds relationships.

HeyTaco! Features:

  • You will have a taco budget, and it will allow you to send out as many tacos as you like to recognize others.
  • If someone distinguishes himself in his work, you can unlock gifts for that person.
  • The platform has a team reward feature that employees can use to trade tacos for treats and custom activities.

Famous companies that use HeyTaco! include the following:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Hood County
  • Shopathome

The HeyTaco! Price:

  • The Team and Workspace option will cost $3 a person each month.
  • The Enterprise option will depend on the needs of your company.
  • To learn more about HeyTaco! pricing, visit the pricing page.