The Difference Between Event Management and Event Planning

by Ty Collins on January 8, 2020 in Articles, Communication, Resources, Vendor Management

When putting together a major event, communication is key. Everyone involved needs to use the same terminology so that each person knows what to expect. One area where communication can fail, especially for clients, is understanding the difference between event management and event planning.  The two jobs certainly have some similarities, but they serve distinctly … Continue reading “The Difference Between Event Management and Event Planning”

Your Guide to Vendor Management

by Ty Collins on December 10, 2019 in Vendor Management

When you think about the people who are most important to your business, what are the groups that come to mind? Customers and employees are probably at the top of the list, and rightly so. You don’t have a business without either of them. But what about vendors? Problems with a vendor can disrupt even … Continue reading “Your Guide to Vendor Management”

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Event Incentives That Drive Attendance

by Ty Collins on December 9, 2019 in Vendor Management

Whether you’re hosting a gallery opening or you’re a corporation running a business seminar, it can take a lot of effort to market your event. After all of the planning and preparation that goes into an event, it would be incredibly disheartening to have an event with no attendees. By finding the right event incentives, … Continue reading “Event Incentives That Drive Attendance”