18 New Sales Incentives to Improve Performance

by Ty Collins on September 6, 2019 in Articles, Group Travel, Incentive Travel, Team Engagement

What are sales incentives? Sales incentives can be any kind of compensation or reward provided by an employer to drive productivity, more specifically, the selling of goods or services. And sales incentives have evolved over the last 25 years, as all things to do. If you could take a time machine back to the 1990s … Continue reading “18 New Sales Incentives to Improve Performance”

15 Meeting Management Tips: How to Run an Effective Meeting

by Ty Collins on August 9, 2019 in Announcements, Communication, Meetings, Team Engagement

How to Run a Painless Meeting There are two ways to run a meeting. The first is probably the most common—you sit at the head of the table, open the meeting, and then the meeting just starts, the same way it did last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. This … Continue reading “15 Meeting Management Tips: How to Run an Effective Meeting”

communicating performance data

The Power of Communicating Performance Data to Your Team

by Stephanie Roppolo on July 23, 2019 in Articles, Communication, Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

Communicating business performance data to your team is fundamental to helping them collaborate and engage, and to helping you reach your business goals. The most important data will center around operational and financial budgets, sales incentives and revenue goals, and customer and employee satisfaction; and ultimately tie that data back to your email database. High-performing … Continue reading “The Power of Communicating Performance Data to Your Team”

drive revenue through referrals

Driving Revenue Through Referrals

by Stephanie Roppolo on June 21, 2019 in Articles, Communication, Meetings, Team Engagement

People are more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Start your referral program today.

engaging audience with video

Engage Your Audience with Video

by Stephanie Roppolo on April 22, 2019 in Articles, Employee Engagement, Team Engagement

What’s Your Plan to Pump Up Engagement in 2019? We invite you to consider video.  Companies’ sales and marketing departments are using video more and more to activate their message and engage employees, distributors and customers. Don’t leave video out of your marketing mix because, according to Forbes Magazine, video now accounts for up to … Continue reading “Engage Your Audience with Video”

Lightbulb ideas on chalkboard

A Checklist for Choosing Rewards

by Jillian Fehrenbach on October 18, 2018 in Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

There are many things to consider when selecting rewards that will engage your employees. Since a lengthy analysis means time and money, we’ve designed this handy checklist to help you choose the rewards that will truly motivate them to work hard and help your business grow.

Aspirational brand logos

Increase Engagement with Aspirational Brands

by Stephanie Roppolo on October 8, 2018 in Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

Can you make your employees feel more valuable with aspirational brands? We think so! Learn how these brands can entice participants to work harder and grow revenue, with our latest article about increasing employee engagement.

Incentivize and recognize

by Jillian Fehrenbach on August 9, 2017 in Employee Engagement, Group Travel, Incentive Travel, Individual Travel, Team Engagement

Thanks for stopping by! You’ve probably heard that great experiences can motivate people and promote the success of your business. Put your staff on the path to meeting their sales and performance goals, and you’ll move closer to achieving your corporate objectives (ask us about ROI). Here at VIKTOR, that’s our business. We craft and … Continue reading “Incentivize and recognize”

Tips for Engaging Meetings

by Jillian Fehrenbach on July 13, 2017 in Employee Engagement, Meetings, Team Engagement

Changes in the way we receive, process and communicate information doesn’t apply just to social media. In fact, technology and social media are driving many of these changes, and they impact every area of our lives. If you want to make sure your meeting and event attendees are actively engaged, here are a few tips … Continue reading “Tips for Engaging Meetings”

Tips for Wine Tasting

by Jillian Fehrenbach on April 3, 2017 in Employee Engagement, Group Travel, Individual Travel, Team Engagement

If you’re taking a trip soon — and we know some who are! — there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a wonderful wine or two along the way…because good wine is everywhere! Whether you consider yourself a fun-loving enthusiast or a savvy connoisseur, the best way to incorporate a winery excursion into your trip is … Continue reading “Tips for Wine Tasting”

IRF Releases Top Incentive Trends for 2017

by Jillian Fehrenbach on January 20, 2017 in Employee Loyalty, Group Travel, Incentive Travel, Team Engagement

If you have plans to launch an incentive program this year, you’ll want to know what trends are shaping the industry. The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) has just released its 2017 Trends Study, which highlights the top ten trends for incentive travel, and reward and recognition programs for the coming year. It identifies key areas for change … Continue reading “IRF Releases Top Incentive Trends for 2017”

A New Understanding of Generational Differences: Millennials

by Jillian Fehrenbach on November 15, 2016 in Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

It’s hard to pick up any type of publication these days without seeing something about Millennials and the impact they’re having on society. We decided it was time to get to the bottom of this issue, so at our recent VIKTOR Experience, we presented a session on this very topic. Here are a few of … Continue reading “A New Understanding of Generational Differences: Millennials”

Top Merchandise Awards

by Stephanie Roppolo on August 3, 2016 in Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

Sales incentives stand as the the prototypical rewards package most companies model their compensation strategy around. One of the biggest trends in merchandise these days is that more and more programs are being offered to non-sales employees. Whether it be a safety initiative, wellness or simply employee recognition, the “Incentive Marketplace Estimate Research Study” reports … Continue reading “Top Merchandise Awards”