America’s Comeback City—Detroit

by Leslie Blair on January 12, 2017 in Group Travel, Individual Travel

Much as we enjoy touting the many wonderful aspects of our hometown, Traverse City, there’s another great city in our state that has been garnering quite a few accolades of its own lately. Yes, I’m talking about Detroit—the Motor City, Motown, or as it is fondly referred to these days, “The D”. After years of negative publicity and being the butt of jokes, this gritty city is finally making a real comeback.

For example, what could be better proof of a resurgence than being ranked 9th on The New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2017? Yes, I said 9th, as in the Top 10, rubbing shoulders with exotic locales like Switzerland and Croatia. Not convinced yet? Let me provide a few insights.

In 2016, Detroit was also named one of the hottest food cities by Zagat, and several local chefs earned James Beard Award nominations as well. Entrepreneurs of all types are flocking to the city, led by the success of Shinola, which prides itself on exquisite craftsmanship and products made entirely in America. Revitalization of the Riverfront area has increased green spaces and on any given day you’ll see people walking, biking, and skating along the riverfront, and paddleboarders enjoying the river itself.

A new arena is being built that will be home to the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons, meaning all four major sports teams will be located downtown. Record numbers of people are moving into the city and new housing is being built to meet the increasing demand.

So while we are always happy to have you visit us in northern Michigan, we encourage you to check out our sister city on your next visit to our state. You might just be surprised at what you find in America’s Comeback City.