A Shift in Incentive Travel

by Jillian Fehrenbach on September 21, 2018 in Incentive Travel
Iceland Scenery

An incentive travel program is a vital tool for recognizing your best salespeople and incentivizing your biggest customers. You want to inspire them to go above and beyond, and to wow participants with a trip they wouldn’t normally take on their own. But how do you decide where to go? Fortunately, we’ve been there (literally). Our seasoned staff has been creating memorable experiences in the most enticing places for more than 40 years. Read on to see where the shift in incentive travel has taken us lately, and where it’s heading down the road.

Classic Incentive Destinations
During the traditional incentive travel months of January, February, March and April, Southern Florida is a perennial favorite. Perfect for those who want to stay domestic with a guarantee of nice weather, Miami’s South Beach, for instance, offers high-energy opulence amid tranquil white sand beaches. Meanwhile, rugged outdoor destinations like Scottsdale, AZ and Colorado Springs, CO offer a fresh change of scenery for active types who want to swap out the beach for mountains.

A little farther away, Hawaii is an exotic destination with a wide range of resort options that gives attendees the feeling that they’re really “getting away.” And of course, larger programs are well-suited to Las Vegas with its great airlift, easy airport transfers and flexible top-quality hotels.

Across the pond, the countries that come up again and again are Scotland and Ireland. A blend of old and new, alluring destinations like these combine unspoiled scenery and contemporary cultural influences with a rich heritage and unmatched upscale hotel offerings. Meanwhile, the food-and-wine culture of European river cruises brings to life spectacular ports against a storybook backdrop.

Trending Now
Big with every generation right now are urban experiences and second-tier cities. Beyond lively big cities like New York and Orlando, urban sanctums such as Chicago and San Antonio are easily navigated and offer historical, cultural and local experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. The important thing to remember is that there is a growing demand among participants to accumulate travel memories—drawn from moments that resonate with personal aspirations and fulfillment.

Also stateside, we like Nashville, which has become popular with younger crowds. It offers a vibrant atmosphere and lively music scene, eclectic eateries and interesting alternative teambuilding activities.

Topping the list internationally are Iceland and Argentina! Both have seen a dramatic increase in luxury travel the past few years. These remote locales give next-generation participants access to cutting-edge journeys that few people can experience. It not only helps to elevate a participant’s status among their online network, but provides extraordinary material to capture and share digitally.

Luxury travel means different things to different people. We’ve seen a shift from expensive things and places to a focus on exclusive experiences. As the conversation continues to move toward the demand for authentic, immersive experiences, we remain committed to discovering new programs with the power to deliver exceptional group experiences and lasting impressions.