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Top Merchandise Awards

By Jillian Fehrenbach on Aug 3, 2016 in Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Team Engagement

One of the biggest trends in merchandise these days is that more and more programs are being offered to non-sales employees. Whether it be a safety initiative, wellness or simply employee recognition, the "Incentive Marketplace Estimate Research Study" reports that in 2015, U.S. employers spent $3.2 billion on incentive rewards for non-sales employees.

And while there are a variety of merchandise categories that top the list for most popular--electronics, home goods, sporting goods--one fact remains true for all the categories: brand names are king. People are really looking for the status that a brand name can bring, such as Bose in headphones, Le Creuset in cookware and Maui Jim in sunglasses. So if you want to get your employee's attention, make sure your merchandise program includes popular and upscale brands.  

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