Tips for Wine Tasting

By Jillian Fehrenbach on Apr 3, 2017 in Employee Engagement, Group Travel, Individual Travel, Team Engagement

If you’re taking a trip soon — and we know some who are! — there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a wonderful wine or two along the way… because good wine is everywhere! Whether you consider yourself a fun-loving enthusiast or a savvy connoisseur, the best way to incorporate a winery excursion into your trip is to have a plan. A little research goes a long way at Wine Map, which makes it easy to find local wineries. And once you've found them, connecting with specific wineries on social media is a handy way to learn about a region’s unique wine culture and enhance your experience.

Already there? Just remember, it’s called a tasting for a reason. Don't feel pressured to drink all the wine poured for you, or be afraid to use the dump bucket—especially if the varietal “isn’t for you.” Now for the tough part: remembering your favorites! If the outing is a special occasion, it’s simple enough to take notes on a tasting menu or snap a photo of the label. If you’re passionate about tasting or somewhat of a hobbyist, you may benefit from one of the more popular wine apps. Offering planning and tracking features, as well as helpful tips about style, pairings and popularity, these must-have tools are packed with information for those on-the-go. Either way, recording which wines really stand out to you will make it easier the next time you find yourself shopping for a nice bottle of wine.

Hopefully this helps demystify the art of the pour a bit and encourages you to enjoy this delightful “sport.” Want to know more? Continue your exploration with this easy-to-follow guide from Wine Enthusiast. Just remember, that for many of us there is only one rule to follow: “Drink whatever wine you enjoy… with whatever food you have chosen to eat.

[VIKTOR staff on the Leelanau Wine Trail; pictured at Chateau Fontaine.]