Incentivize and recognize.

Thanks for stopping by! You’ve probably heard that great experiences can motivate people and promote the success of your business. Put your staff on the path to meeting their sales and performance goals, and you'll move closer to achieving your corporate objectives (ask us about ROI). Here at VIKTOR, that's our business. We craft and deliver top-notch travel incentives and measurable rewards and recognition programs; and we’re ready to partner with you! Read on…

Embark on one of our incentive travel trips, and from the moment you “step aboard,” you and your top performers will be treated like royalty. Excellent service and friendly, enduring relationships categorize everything we do. As reward for work well done, trip participants enjoy attentive service, gourmet cuisine, world-class entertainment, and well-appointed accommodations—all part of the memorable experience that will get them talking. From European panache to Caribbean charm, each place and activity is focused on making you and your group smile—with loads of fun along the way!

An alternative to group travel, our eRewards program helps you with the difficult task of changing employee behavior. Knowing each person is motivated differently, our rewards and recognition program offers individualized and tangible award solutions without all the guesswork. Striving to increase sales, improve loyalty, or introduce new products? Our fully customizable, online awards platform offers a virtually unlimited selection (translated: millions!) of merchandise, event tickets, travel, and other recognition-based awards for the rest of your team. Now that’s what we call motivation!

Traveling (a lot) is at the heart of our business; but going the extra mile is our true passion. And we call that the VIKTOR Touch! You guessed it; we love what we do. It doesn't get any better than delivering “the little things” for our clients, guests, and even for each other. In fact, not only does it keep us going, but it makes each day more fulfilling than the last. We'd love to have you join us.